Milestone x Fleet Mobile Maintenance Case Story


Case Story

Trailer leaser drives repair consistency nationwide

Picture this … you’re a trailer, chassis, and container leasing company with locations coast to coast. With a wide-ranging fleet of 110,000 rentals, customers know they can always turn to you to find the right equipment for the job.

But, you never know what to expect from your maintenance and repair providers. Some invoices arrive without explanation. Some repairs happen without your authorization. Sometimes repair quality is great, sometimes it’s subpar. And since not many providers can service multiple locations, you end up having to juggle a lot of different ones, making it even harder to drive consistency.

So, you turn to Fleet Mobile Maintenance, an Epika company. We get to know your objectives and conduct regular check-ins to ensure everything is going right. You’re able to consistently experience high-quality work thanks to our rapidly-expanding footprint and techs that are familiar with your requirements. We proactively communicate repair issues with you, plus we enter repairs in your system so you can always see where work is at.

Now, you’re never taken by surprise when it comes to repairs. Performance is up, too – one of your largest locations just completed all of its federal inspections, exceeding last year’s quantity and doing it all with a single provider. Things are going so well that you even start bringing in other Epika brands to meet regional needs. That’s what happens when you get everything going right.