Who is Epika?

Epika makes it easier for fleets of any size to get their preventative maintenance and repairs going right. We’re bringing together top service providers across the nation and giving them the resources to serve you even better. Too many fleet operators have to deal with letdown after letdown every day. The long waits. The subpar work. The invoicing issues. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And the costs add up fast. To get everything going right, you’ve got to get clearer answers, faster turnarounds, and experts on every job. Only Epika makes all this possible. That’s why everyone from Milestone and Red Bull to U.S. Xpress and JR Motorsports all rely on us.
Epika. Get everything going right.™

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The Epika story – right from day one

The road to keeping commercial fleets running smoothly was always a bit bumpy. A fractured service market made it hard to find high-quality, reliable maintenance providers. Add in the long wait times for parts or an open bay, the inconsistent invoicing, or even just the turnover rate for technicians, and it amounted to a whole lot of letdowns for most fleet operators.

That’s when one preventative maintenance provider started to win over a lot of frustrated fleet operators by getting things going right. LubeZone brought fair practices and pricing – along with consistent service – to prime locations throughout the country. Plus, they put a priority on the growth and development of their technicians and team members. But they weren’t the only ones. There were other providers in areas like roadside repair and fleet maintenance management that were also getting noticed for their higher standards. These top providers came together to share best practices and create a nationwide network of high-quality service providers that fleets could finally count on. And that’s how Epika Fleet Services was born.

Today Epika is helping their partner brands build on everything that’s going right, like strong local leadership, access to top resources, and a technician-centered approach. Led by industry veterans who know what fleets are up against today, these Epika companies are making it possible for fleet operators to get clearer answers, faster turnarounds, and experts on every job. That’s why we’re growing fast. And we’re just getting started. Epika. Get everything going right.™

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How we operate:

  • Time is Money We get you back on the road faster. Each member company has qualified technicians that help you keep your equipment top-notch so your truck or fleet keeps moving.

  • Professionalism & Integrity Each of our member companies is held to the highest standard. Each applies the same level of care and professionalism to every job – no matter how large or small.

  • No Pushy Sales Tactics Our techs are incented to solve your problems and drive your costs down– not up-sell you extra services you don’t need.