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“What will happen to my business if I sell to Epika?” At Epika, we get the fleet maintenance industry, and the challenges and opportunities facing your business. We are focused on providing the capital and resources to help your brand continue to grow and keeping your employees and customers happy. As you consider what’s next for your company, here’s what Epika can offer:

  • Job security – We don’t acquire companies with the hopes of creating brand new teams. We want the faces a customer sees to remain the same!
  • Career growth and professional development– By joining a larger organization with more roles to fill, your teammates will have more opportunities for advancement. They’ll also have the chance to develop new skills, earn further credentials, and train with the best in the business.
  • Our commitment to keeping professional drivers moving means that when any of your customers call in for help, they can count on fast, quality service.
  • Every teammate at Epika Fleet Services shares the same mission: to get everything going right.
  • We’ll offer a fair price – We only acquire well-founded businesses, and we pay fair market value for them.
  • We’ll make it easy – This is not our first time around the block. We know what it takes to make a sale go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved – including the seller. 
  • We’ll preserve your legacy – Epika is committed to holding long-term, maintaining the culture and operations at new businesses, and supporting its future success.
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