Arjo x Managed Mobile Case Story


Case Story

Critical medical equipment delivered on time thanks to timely fleet maintenance

Picture this … you’re the largest North American facility of a global medical equipment manufacturer. Your 13-vehicle fleet is responsible for distributing critical care equipment – primarily beds – to the Los Angeles area.

But, time-consuming fleet repairs are making it a challenge to meet delivery SLAs. With your current service provider, your drivers lose time dropping off and picking up trucks for repairs. Plus the repair itself often takes five days. Meanwhile, you’re under pressure to meet tight SLAs (some that are just four hours), and when you only have 13 trucks, every day they spend in the shop and off the roads is not a good day.

So, you turn to Managed Mobile, an Epika company. We come onsite to handle everything from flat tires and oil changes to BIT inspections and broken mirrors. All you have to do is shoot us an email request, and we’re on it within 24 hours. You’re always kept up to date on the status of repairs, and required inspections and services happen without you even having to ask us.

Now, you’re meeting delivery SLAs easily. With a more reliable and responsive partner, you’ve got more reliable trucks. It’s a huge weight off your shoulders, and at the end of the day, you’re able to deliver the specialized beds that certain patients need – when they need them. That’s what happens when you get everything going right.