Get Faster Turnarounds


Here we go again. Another holdup. First, it was the bay that wasn’t ready. Next, it was the tech who was out to lunch. Then, it was the part that couldn’t be sourced for an entire week. And now?
It’s an invoice that can’t seem to find its way to your inbox. If this is how slow it’s going to go to replace a cracked DPF, then what kind of timeline can you expect when something really complicated goes wrong?

With Epika, you get faster turnarounds – regardless of whether it’s on the roadside, in the shop, or onsite.  

Now you can:

  • Get best-in-class service wherever your trucks are thanks to a nationwide network of top service providers
  • Expect a rapid response with a 24/7 dispatch call center and roadside service that puts you in contact with the closest provider partner
  • Eliminate time-consuming drop-offs with the convenience of mobile maintenance
  • Identify issues faster with the help of experienced techs and the latest computerized diagnostic tools
  • Turn around your own work faster, because you can offload the management of your service and maintenance

Tired of waiting and worrying about delayed maintenance?

It's time to switch gears with Epika. We understand the cost of every minute lost in fleet management. That's why our services are designed to provide you with the speed and efficiency your fleet demands. With Epika, you don't just get service; you get service at the speed of your business.