Get Experts On Every Job


Something’s not right. A fresh-faced tech said your rig with half a million miles on it is “good as new.” So how come your driver is still hearing that rattling which landed them at the shop in the first place? Is it because the loose U-bolt wasn’t replaced? Or is there some other issue with the suspension? And then you spot the real problem: a woefully incomplete diagnostics report. How are you supposed to trust the fix when you can’t even trust the tech?

With Epika, you get experts on every job – so you’re sure the work will be done right by techs who are treated right.

Now you can:

  • Expect quality work every time because it’s being performed by experienced, qualified technicians who benefit from consistent continuing education opportunities
  • Rely on a team of technicians you know and trust thanks to industry-low employee turnover
  • Get a higher standard of professionalism that shows itself in everything from cleanliness to customer interactions
  • Work with well-run service providers led by industry professionals with decades of experience

Looking for experts who get it right?

When it comes to your fleet, nothing less than expert care will do. That's where Epika makes all the difference. We know the frustration of a job half-done or poorly executed. With us, rest assured that every task is in the hands of seasoned professionals – the ones who get it right every time.