Executive Chairman

Glenn Sherburne

Glenn Sherburne is the Executive Chairman of Epika Fleet Services, Inc. He formed the company in 2016 with intentions to create a network of high-speed on-highway preventative maintenance facilities, on-site mobile services, and in-shop repair services for the commercial trucking industry.

He has a long history in the oil and transportation industry after attending Austin College. He founded PM Express, Inc. dba Speedco in 1996. Glenn sold Speedco Truck Lube in 2004 and transitioned into his role as President & CEO of Transoil, Inc.; a platform company used to acquire and consolidate small lubricant distributors in the Midwest. Prior to Epika, Glenn served as Chair of the “Motor Oil Matters” initiative for the American Petroleum Institute and served on the DAC Board of Directors for Shell Oil Company.

Executive Vice President

Mark Clark

Mark is the Executive Vice President of Epika Fleet Services, Inc. He stepped into his role at Epika in 2017.

Mark has been very successful in his endeavors in the transportation industry since earning his bachelor’s degree from Indiana State University. In 1985, Mark served as Vice President of the Transportation & Lubricant Division at Stanley J. Clark where he oversaw warehousing, inventory management, sales, marketing, and more. From there, he transitioned into his leadership role as a founding partner of Speedco in 1993. He helped grow the company to 51 stores and 1,000 teammates with revenue over $150 million. He then became Chief Operating Officer of GCR Tires & Service in 2014.s


Joe Dougherty

Joe joined the Epika team in 2022 as the CEO.

Joe has more than 25 years’ experience in industrial services leadership positions across transportation and energy industries, most recently as CEO of Penn Power Group. Prior to that, Joe held the COO position at a national fleet maintenance provider as well as global P&L leadership roles at CAT and GE. Joe earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois and holds an MBA from the University of Michigan.


Jason Evans

Jason has been a part of Epika Fleet Services, Inc. since 2019 and is currently the Chief Operating Officer.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University, he worked at Speedco Truck Lube alongside Mark Clark and Glenn Sherburne, holding roles in nearly all aspects of the business. After Bridgestone Americas acquired Speedco, he held various leadership roles at Bridgestone in Purchasing, Business Development, Technology, Engineering and he was the Director of Store Operations for two years. He received numerous awards while there, including the President’s Award for Innovation in 2016.


John Holbeck

As Chief Financial Officer, John will lead Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Treasury and Tax incorporating strategic planning and M&A, cash flow management, debt covenant compliance, and board and lender reporting.

Prior to joining Epika, John worked at Toppan Merrill as SVP Finance, Accounting, Tax and Treasury. Toppan, headquartered in Tokyo, acquired the majority of Merrill Corporation based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, where John provided 13 years of Finance leadership and acquisition growth for a $1.2B private equity owned portfolio company, to the transformation into a focused, SaaS company generating $400M in annualized recurring revenue.  Within Merrill Corporation John had many roles, including leading multiple acquisitions, divestitures, and refinancing for the company.  John also worked closely with the new executive team on integration activities and leading the development and execution of business strategies and the launch of annual and long-term planning initiatives for the combined organization.

John earned his Bachelor of Accounting degree from the University of Minnesota in Duluth. Prior to joining Merrill Corporation, he spent 14 years in various senior global positions at Honeywell and Cargill. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Rakhma, an organization focused on memory care. Outside of work, he enjoys the outdoors and change of seasons Minnesota has to offer.


Nick Constantine

Nick serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Epika, a role he assumed in 2023. His journey to this position involved significant experience in technology and leadership, having previously served as a Vice President of Technology. In that role, he led the development of custom software solutions across various industries, demonstrating a keen ability to address complex challenges with innovative solutions.

Before his tenure in technology leadership, Nick explored a variety of fields, enriching his skills and perspective. He taught Math and English at the high school level, contributed to sound and engineering departments in the film industry, and worked on prototype parts manufacturing in the automotive sector. These experiences have contributed to a diverse skill set and a practical approach to technology and problem-solving.

Nick values professional and personal growth and is committed to the technological advancement of Epika, focusing on meeting the needs of end users with effective and efficient solutions. He holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Michigan State University, one in Telecommunications and another in Film Studies, underscoring his broad educational background and interest in continuous learning.

As CTO, Nick is dedicated to guiding Epika’s technology strategy and ensuring the company remains at the forefront of industry developments.