Get Clearer Answers


On Monday, you had the truck dropped off. It’s been mostly crickets ever since. No status updates. No callbacks from the three messages you left on Tuesday. Late Wednesday, you find out that they just started on it, but no one’s around who can tell you what work they started. On Friday, you do get a call, but it’s from someone trying to sell you a service the truck doesn’t need. A month after the truck finally comes back, you get an invoice that makes no sense but is very, very high. All you know is you got a lot of work, but you didn’t get a lot of answers.
With Epika, you get clearer answers – so you always know what’s needed or not, what it really costs, and how it’s progressing.

Now you can:

  • Find out about issues and get resolutions sooner thanks to clear, proactive updates and communication
  • Have full confidence in any recommendations you get, because no one’s trying to upsell you on work you don’t need
  • Avoid after-the-fact surprises and unexpected costs with accurate estimates and billing
  • Always know where repairs stand with photo documentation of work and digital repair order management
  • Eliminate the invoice runaround, and get end-of-day invoicing instead

Looking for clarity?

Say goodbye to the days of uncertainty and frustration with fleet maintenance. With Epika, clarity isn't just a promise – it's our standard. We're redefining the industry by ensuring you're never left in the dark. No more guessing games, just straight answers and transparent processes. It's time to experience fleet maintenance the Epika way, where every question has a clear answer, and every problem has a straightforward solution.